Blanton’s Bourbon Review

Blanton’s Bourbon Review: A Tribute to America’s Old Masters. Made from the hardwood-aged heart of the distillery’s oldest single-estate single malt, Blanton’s Bourbon is a traditional blend of American whiskeys. Tasting the finished product reveals rich smoky flavors of molasses, cinnamon and nutmeg on the backend, backed by smooth vanilla and caramel on the front. The aging process results in a rich, intense and highly-flavored whiskey that’s highly enjoyable.


Tasting the whiskey reveals rich malts and sweetness from the malt and yeast. Tasting the whiskey revealed layers of smoky, mocha and blackcurrant flavors, with a charcoal finish on the back-end. Taken from the bottom of the legendary Warehouse H, Blanton’s Original Single Barrel is once again officially designated for VIP guests, dignitaries and corporate clients. Now, anyone has access to this world-famous single barrel whiskey.

Distilled at the Blanton’s Single Barrel Distillery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Blanton’s Original Single Barrel is made using a variety of malted barley from selected mills in Pennsylvania, along with an American two-row whiskey, European single-cellar malts and European dark roasts. Each vintage’s flavor and aroma are carefully noted. In addition, Blanton’s also uses a blend of other ingredients including malts, fruits, fresh yeast, and wood-heated barrels. The result is a unique, complex and balanced single barrel whiskey that will astound you with its smooth and creamy texture, rich and fruity flavors and a rich, intense finish. Blanton’s truly makes an impression, one you won’t soon forget.

Blanton’s has built a reputation as America’s leading master distiller. In 2021, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary by releasing a special release called the Blanton’s Master Distiller’s Collection. It’s made using only select, high-quality European malts, along with American single barrel whiskey and European dark roasts. This release is notable for its extensive use of New World herbs and traditional American oak wood. Blanton’s continues to impress with master distiller releases like these because they continue to experiment and introduce new styles, creating and challenging the boundaries of single-barrel whiskey.

Blanton’s master distiller’s have even created their own series of single barrel releases, like the Scantina, which is made using only the highest quality European malts. Another award winning release is the Blue Blazer, a traditional Kentucky dry sherry. The Blason’s line also includes a nice range of scents including an English blend called The Woodsman. Other scents in the lineup include cinnamon spice, cloves, chocolate, fruit and honey. Each bottle in the entire series comes with a certificate of authenticity and is limited to a retail value of $100.

While Blanton’s offers a wide variety of single barrel selections, the most popular among fans of single barrels is the Kentucky Bourbon. There are several reasons for that, but probably the most important is that Blanton’s has chosen only the best yeasts for this unique variety. Unlike most American whiskies, Blanton’s uses young American oak woods from only the first year of planting. That means the flavor will be completely different when the bottle of whiskey is opened a few months later.

The flavor of Blanton’s also has a very distinct buttery flavor. It’s not fully material, but it has a really strong hint of vanilla. There’s also a hint of nutmeg and charcoal on the finish. It’s definitely more interesting than other examples of American whiskey produced by aging in oak barrels.

I would say the only drawback of drinking Blanton’s single barrel selection is price. It’s a lot more expensive than many other whiskies on the market. The good news is that Blanton’s also distributes to major retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club.

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