Wild Turkey Longbranch Review

Wild Turkey longbranch is the newest member of the Wild Turkey family: a delicious 8-year-old whiskey made in long and lonely Kentucky that will be awarded a silver medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Wine Competition in 2021. The key of the Whiskey lies in the aging in special wooden barrels of the… Continue reading Wild Turkey Longbranch Review

cutty sark scotch

Cutty Sark is a wonderfully crafted, award-winning blend of Scotch and Spanish wine grape varieties. It was founded by a pair of American expatriates who left their homeland to open a vineyard in the rugged hills of Andalucia’s Pacific Coast. The grape varieties were originally grown in Chile and Argentina, but the plan was ultimately… Continue reading cutty sark scotch

Blanton’s Bourbon Review

Blanton’s Bourbon Review: A Tribute to America’s Old Masters. Made from the hardwood-aged heart of the distillery’s oldest single-estate single malt, Blanton’s Bourbon is a traditional blend of American whiskeys. Tasting the finished product reveals rich smoky flavors of molasses, cinnamon and nutmeg on the backend, backed by smooth vanilla and caramel on the front.… Continue reading Blanton’s Bourbon Review

Jim Beam Black Review

American whiskey drinkers like Jim Beam Black better than any other hard liquor. However, the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI), an independent, third-party consumer beverage research organization, conducted the original blind taste test on multiple markets throughout the nation. The primary participants were customers who purchased a representative number of different brands of hard liquor each… Continue reading Jim Beam Black Review