Jim Beam Black Review

American whiskey drinkers like Jim Beam Black better than any other hard liquor. However, the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI), an independent, third-party consumer beverage research organization, conducted the original blind taste test on multiple markets throughout the nation. The primary participants were customers who purchased a representative number of different brands of hard liquor each month. Then, a representative from the BTI randomly assigned each group of shoppers to one of three different whiskeys: Beam, Maker’s rye, or rye from another distillery. The result was a statistically significant difference between the brands in both the price and quality of the liquid sampler.


Based on the results of that study, we asked the folks at BTI to rank the whiskeys based on many different aspects. Specifically, we wanted to know which was sweeter, had more taste, and made a better cocktail (and/or drink). Here are some of the factors the testers ranked the Jim beam black and maker’s rye as well as other brands: Strength of taste, aroma, aftertaste, and overall quality. There were a couple of factors that varied across brands, but those were minor. Let’s get on with it.


Strength of Taste / Aroma The sweet, light Jim beam was rated as the easiest to drink and rated as having the least complexity of taste. The next most complex was the mocha-flavored Blackmore’s. Overall, the strength of taste seemed to vary only by a notch or two – similar to the difference between the mocha-flavored sherry and the chocolate-flavored Baileys. The overall quality score for all three brands was relatively similar. As far as the aftertaste goes, there was a slight residue from the sweeter whiskey and the rye had more of an aftertaste then either of the other two.


Aroma / Aftertaste The sweeter version of Jim beam black came from the original Jim beam brand and the mellow flavor of the second series made it easy to appreciate the smooth taste of the rye whiskey. Both versions have a sweet, mild kick, had a full-bodied taste, and finished with strong vanilla notes. There was no aftertaste from the extra-aged variety.


Strength of Aro Age When it comes to the strength of a whiskey, which is the ability of it to create a fuller, rich flavor and body, few brands come close to the full-bodied flavor of the original Jim beam black. From the first sip, the rye whiskey had a sweet caramel taste that was balanced by the slightly spicy rye flavor. As it went down, the flavor of the whiskey became sweeter and the finish became stronger.


Appearance One of the best attributes of Jim beam black is its appearance. From the first look, one could immediately tell that it was a quality whiskey. It had an oily golden color, had a slight yellow tint to it, and looked to be crafted from pure gold. Although it was an original Jim beam black, the extra-aged version did come with a silver label.


Price The price of this whiskey may have put some off, however there are people who like the affordable prices of whiskey, especially since many people can’t afford to buy the top shelf brands. One of the main reasons people choose a cheaper brand is because they feel the quality isn’t as high as more expensive brands. Jim Beam does make some great whiskeys that are not expensive. The reason it is so popular with so many people is because of its smooth, heavy oak flavor. If you’re looking for an easy drinking, easy liquefied whiskey that has an amazing taste, then you don’t need to look any further than the original Jim beam black.


If you’re a fan of an easy drinking, smooth flavor, then the Jim beam black extra aged is a fantastic option. It will leave you wanting more. Although this is a basic Bourbon whiskey, with a light aroma and a moderate to heavy flavor, it has its own unique flavor. For the best tasting whiskey out there, try the original.

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